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Greenville, Ohio is the home of the Treaty of Greenville. This treaty, signed in 1795 by the United States and many Native American tribes, helped to open up the Northwest Territory. We are proud of our heritage and the role this community played in America's development.

Greenville is the historic location of Fort Greene Ville, a pioneer fort built under General Anthony Wayne's command, at over 55 this was the largest wooden fortification ever built. It was here that the Treaty of Greenville was signed on August 3, 1795, bringing peace to the area. Fort Greene Ville was named for Wayne's fellow General Nathanael Greene.

Greenville is home to The Great Darke County Fair which runs for nine days in August, and is erroneously billed as the largest county fair in the United States. Greenville is also home to KitchenAid small appliances.



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Built in 1849, the historic Bear's Mill, is an authentic example of a stone grinding flour mill of its time. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977, it is still in use today to grind cornmeal, whole wheat flour, rye flour, and pancake mixes. Greenville has a local history museum, the Garst Museum, which features the largest known collections of memorabilia of Annie Oakley and Lowell Thomas, both of whom were born nearby.


Versailles is the home of many of Darke County's most successful and profitable business enterprises. The Versailles Policy, established in 1873, is Darke County's oldest newspaper. The diverse local economy is comprised of firms working in manufacturing, meat and poultry processing, publishing, automobile service, trucking, professional services, and retail sales.


Versailles has a population of 2,589, with a council-administrator form of government, a full-time police department, and a volunteer fire department and rescue squad. Power is supplied by the Versailles Municipal Electric System.



The poultry industry in Versailles began in 1881, and since that time, Versailles has earned the title of "Poultry Capital of the World." We celebrate our poultry industry every June during our annual Poultry Days Festival. The first festival was held in 1951, and it continues to grow bigger and better each year. With ties to the past and eyes on the future, Versailles continues to grow and prosper. The friendly PEOPLE of our community, the PRIDE we exhibit, and the PROGRESS we continue to experience, mirror our community motto... PEOPLE-PRIDE-PROGRESS


Welcome to the village community of Arcanum Ohio, a secret place. Arcanum is truly Ohio's' best kept secret, a quiet town that is perfect for raising a family. Located in the southwest corner of Darke County, Arcanum is approximately 35 miles NW of Dayton, Ohio and 15 miles E from the Indiana border. Arcanum is nestled in the heart of Ohio's agriculture farm belt. Corn and Soybeans are the primary crops produced in this area.

Education is a very important component in the community of Arcanum. Every effort is made to ensure the highest quality of education, athletics, and youth activities are made available. Arcanum Schools are divided into stage groups, Elementary, Junior High and High School. Arcanum takes great pride in the Arcanum Trojans, Arcanum's High School Football Team.

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communitiesArcanum3.jpgArcanum provides its community with a varied array of thriving local businesses. These businesses offer a wide range of products and services which allow the community the value of competitive choices as well as convenience. Supporting your local business people fortifies the strength of any small town or village which is apparent in Arcanum.


Union City

Union City, OH is just one facet of a community that sprawls across the state line and into Indiana. Yes, Union City, Ind is the part of the community that lies just over the state-line. Though separated by politics, the community is as one and even shares some public services, as well as is tended to by common civic organizations, such as its join chamber of commerce, with similar goals of growth and quality of life for its people.


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The Village of Ansonia is a small, rural community in west central Ohio. Located in northern Darke County at the intersection of State Routes 47 and 118, the Village is just 7 miles north of the City of Greenville.

Platted in 1845 by John Baughman, The Village was incorporated in 1867 as the Village of Dallas. A Post Office was established in January,1853 as the Ansonia Post Office since a Post Office named Dallas already existed in Highland County. As the story goes, the first Postmaster, George A. Turpen, selected the name Ansonia from the clock on the wall in the Post Office that was manufactured by the Ansonia Clock Company in Ansonia, Connecticut. The clock still exists and is keeping time in the present Post Office.

communitiesAnsonia1.jpgIn 1885, at the suggestion of Postmaster Samuel Light, the name of the Village was changed to Ansonia so that the name of the Village and its Post Office were the same and to avoid confusion with the "other" Dallas. The Dallas Post Office, which was located in the Village of Boston, remained in operation until April, 1905.


New Madison

New Madison is home of the Tri-Village patriots and is a beautiful small-town community in the southwest portion of Darke County. The village offers affordable housing, easy access to shopping in nearby Richmond, Indiana, in addition to Greenville, and has a strong commitment to its rural roots and its base of community and family.



The Village of Bradford, Ohio is situated in both Newberry and Adams Townships of Miami and Darke Counties. Miami County has the greater portion of citizens with the entire population being 1,859 as of the 2000 census. The village dates back to 1857, when the first train reached the end of the railhead at the Miami/Darke County line. At that time this area of Ohio was thick rich forest land with prairies and swamp land sections breaking through the trees. During the early 18th Century this same area had been the hunting grounds for the Shawnee Indians. That all changed in 1795 when the Treaty of Greenville was signed by most of the Ohio Indian tribes and General Anthony Wayne.