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Adult Training Helps Bolster Darke County Workforce

From the December 23, 2013 edition of The Daily Advocate:

Article & Photo By Heather Meade - Staff Writer

Adult Training Helps Bolster Darke County Workforce

DARKE COUNTY - Adults across the county are getting a second chance to boost their skills, while fulfilling a much needed gap in the skilled workforce population, as they graduate from adult education courses like STNA training, welding certification, and a general skills course called Taking Charge of Your Life.

“The good news in this whole region is that we’ve got all these jobs coming in. It’s not just Darke County, though Darke County is doing exceptionally well…” said Jon Heffner, ProtoGen Group, LLC, the company contracted for adult training in Darke County. “The bad news is, we’ve got all these jobs coming in, where are we going to get the people to fill the positions? That’s a challenge. We’ve got a number of people who have made it through our adult training classes, and we’ve got more coming…we’ve just got to keep feeding them through the pipeline, and keep that positive trend.”

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