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Darke County Company Eyes $2.2M Expansion in Dayton Area

A growing company in western Ohio is eyeing a $2.2 million expansion in the Dayton area.

From the April 4, 2018 edition of The Dayton Business Journal

By John Bush, Staff Reporter

A growing company in western Ohio is eyeing a $2.2 million expansion in the Dayton area.

Belevin Corp., an online retailer of pole barn packages and post frame materials for residential customers and builders, is looking to purchase a vacant manufacturing facility in the city of Union's Quinter Farm Industrial Park. The 32,000-square-foot facility has been vacant for more than a year, according to a grant application filed with Montgomery County. The site is the former home of TE-CO, a manufacturer that moved to a new building within the Industrial Park.

The company's expansion would bring 20 new jobs to the Dayton region within a three year period. These positions come with an average salary of $37,000, generating nearly $700,000 in total payroll each year. It's also a benefit to the city of Union, officials say, as $7,000 in income tax revenue would be collected from the new business.

Currently, Belevin utilizes other suppliers for its pole barn building materials that are shipped to customers. By purchasing its own manufacturing facility, the Darke County-based company can begin making its own components to sell in its building packages, officials say. The facility will also allow Belevin to supply and ship all its building components directly to the customer from one location......

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