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DBJ Regional Economic Report

The Dayton Business Journal recently published a Regional Economic Report for Darke County.

From the August 30th Edition of The Dayton Business Journal

By Tristan Navera, Staff Reporter 

"Darke County is not your typical agricultural county.

While farmland is interspersed with villages and small population centers, and agribusiness has remained a major employer, this county of 53,000 is also a growing state powerhouse for manufacturers.

In the four years he’s been on the job, Marc Saluk, director of economic development for the county, has seen it weather the recession even as others saw a decline in manufacturing employment.

“We were lucky in the sense that we seem to be one of the first counties out of the recession,” Saluk said, “We weathered the recession quite well and by 2010 we already had several of our manufacturers working on expansion plans. That has driven a lot of growth in recent years.”....

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