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Former Addict Working to Turn His Life Around

“People always said I had ‘so much potential,’” Curtner stated. “After being through these classes, I understand why. Having so many people care about whether you succeed, that really boosts your confidence in your ability to actually get out there and do it.”

From the April 6, 2014 edition of The Daily Advocate

By Heather Meade, Staff Writer

GREENVILLE - Brandon Curtner is just 21 years old, but he’s got a record that includes burglary and drug possession. His face has been on the cover of The Daily Advocate not once, but twice, the second time more recent than his actual offenses, he said.

On March 24, The Daily Advocate ran a collage entitled “The Faces of Heroin” as part of a larger, company-wide project depicting the heroin epidemic. Curtner felt as if his two years of hard work to get and stay clean had been for nothing, he said, after seeing his photo under that label.

“Two years ago, I may have been the face of heroin, but honestly, I know there were people worse into it than I was,” Curtner explained. “Today, I’m not the face of heroin. After my arrest in 2012, I got clean. Without that reality check, I might not be here today.”

Curtner recalled the feelings of shame and disappointment he felt, knowing how he’d disappointed his family, including his police officer brother, and the mother of his unborn child, he said. His poor choices were a combination of circumstances, he said.....

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