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Koenig Plans New Facility in Greenville

From the January 13, 2014 edition of The Daily Advocate

By Ryan Carpe, Staff Writer

GREENVILLE – Koenig Equipment in Greenville will be relocating its facilities to a new building in 2015, which will be located at Kitchen Aid Way beside the Whirlpool plant.

The new facility will function as a full-service John Deere dealership, offering both agricultural and lawn and garden equipment, and will entirely replace the facility located at State Highway 571.

The reason for the move is due to a demand for larger facilities and a more up-to-date workplace.

“It’s really about increasing our productivity and allowing us to grow into the future,” said Aaron Koenig, President Koenig Equipment, Inc and fourth generation Koenig family member. “We’ve just outgrown the facility.”

Koenig Equipment, Inc. remains a locally owned and family business, which began in 1904 when John C. Koenig founded a hardware and farm equipment dealership to serve his friends and neighbors. It currently has 11 locations spread throughout Ohio and Indiana. The Koenig Equipment facility in Greenville currently employs more than 20 staff members.

At this point the new building would serve strictly as a relocation instead of an expansion, however Koenig confirmed that the company has added enough additional employees in the last few months which contributed to their overall capacity issues in addition to their sales growth.

But the new building will also offer other perks...

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