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Midmark Continues its Brisk Hiring Pace

Midmark Corp. has come through on plans to grow and add staff this year.

From the September 6, 2017 edition of The Dayton Business Journal

By Tristan Navera, Senior Reporter

Midmark Corp. has come through on plans to grow and add staff this year.

The Dayton-based medical equipment manufacturer says that since the beginning of the year, it has hired 73 new people, well on track for the planned 105 new hires this year, including 66 in the Dayton and Versailles facilities, where Midmark has 841 employees amid 1,700 overall.

Business continues to grow, too, the company says, reporting last year's revenue surged to $445 million from $399 million, signaling continued interest in the medical equipment it manufactures in Versailles and other sites.

Its growth was recently lauded by the Ohio Secretary of State for supporting "STEMM" education — STEMM stands for science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine. The company has become a significant driver in training local students to work in these fields, including 17 engineering co-ops each term in electrical, computer, mechanical and biomedical disciplines and a four-year $20,000 scholarship for a student looking to study a technical degree, with the possibility of a job after graduation.

“Midmark plays an important role in developing innovative products and solutions for healthcare providers. In many ways, our teammates exhibit perhaps one of the purest examples of how a STEMM education is being utilized to solve complex problems,” said Dr. Tom Schwieterman, VP of clinical affairs and chief medical officer.

The company — which makes equipment and furniture for the doctors, dental practices and veterinarians — has a significant presence in Versailles, the Darke County town where most of its local operations are based. Its offices and three factories total 615,000 square feet of space. These complement its corporate headquarters in Dayton......

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