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Midmark Honored for STEMM Work

VERSAILLES — Midmark Corp. has been honored by Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office for their work with the Ohio STEMM program.

From the 8-29-17 edition of The Daily Advocate

VERSAILLES — Midmark Corp. has been honored by Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office for their work with the Ohio STEMM program.

As part of the Ohio Business Profile Program, Husted has declared August as STEMM in Ohio Month. STEMM stands for science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine. Midmark Corp. was selected as a featured business in the Ohio Business Profile Program for August.

Elaine Herrick, field representative for Husted’s office, presented a certificate to Midmark Corp. Monday for their accomplishments with the STEMM program.

“This certificate of commendation is tendered on behalf of the people of the state of Ohio as a small token of their gratitude and sincere admiration for the exemplary work of Midmark Corp. and its outstanding employees,” Herrick read from the certificate signed by Husted. “Midmark Corp. is an important member of Ohio’s STEMM community and has achieved great success by focusing on quality and the people they serve. This recognition and the accomplishments of Midmark Corp. is an inspiration to others for what they can achieve with a similar attitude, commitment and hard work.”

Herrick read portions of the submission Midmark presented for their selection in the Ohio Business Profile Program.

Dr. Thomas Schwieterman, Midmark’s vice president of clinical affairs and chief medical officer, also serves as the chairman of the state of Ohio’s STEMM School Committee.

“It’s amazing the amount of work being done at the school level — whether is public or parochial schools,” said Schwieterman. “Businesses have voluntarily helped with the STEMM schools. Businesses need to reach out to the schools.”

As technology advances, said Schwieterman, the need for better educated and trained students is more important for local businesses.

“The schools and the JVS’s will prepare the students,” said Schwieterman. “We need staff at all levels. Next year, we’ll be opening a new technology center. We’ll be finding more solutions to help health care officials.”

Sue Hulsmeyer, senior director of the human resource department, said a co-op program was started at the company in 2013 with six co-op students.

“We had 28 co-ops last summer,” said Hulsmeyer. “We have 16 this fall. We’ve hired 14 or 15 since we started the co-op program.”

Hulsmeyer said the co-op program gives the “college student a long interview process with the co-op program.”

Midmark, she said, is also working with a Workforce Development program with the high schools in Darke County......

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