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Midmark Partners with Mercy Health

Rethinking the outpatient experience sets stage for donation in Africa

Press Release from Midmark Corporation

Rethinking the outpatient experience sets stage for donation in Africa

CINCINNATI, Ohio and DAYTON, Ohio, July 31, 2017 — Midmark Corp. recently partnered with Mercy Health, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, to deliver nearly 300 used examination tables to 10 areas of Africa in need of medical equipment.

In 2016, Midmark began consulting with Mercy Health to rethink the outpatient experience with the focus on driving a more consistent patient and staff experience across the healthcare system. The teams from Midmark and Mercy worked together to evaluate a wide range of workflow and technology improvements, assessing the impact of each on people, process and space. This initiative resulted in new standards for patient positioning equipment, which led to the replacement of more than 475 exam tables. Additionally, changes were made to digital diagnostics devices, medical-grade casework and point of care computer workstations to improve the patient experience and create efficiencies for clinicians and providers.

In May, nearly 300 old exam tables from various Mercy Health locations, including Cincinnati, Lima, Lorain, Springfield, Urbana, Tiffin, Toledo and Youngstown, Ohio, as well as Irvine and Paducah, Ky., were removed and shipped to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda and other regions in Africa in desperate need of medical equipment. The remaining tables that were replaced were recycled within the Mercy Health system for new projects, replacements and the like......

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