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Midmark Rolls Out New Technology

Midmark Corp. is rolling out another new product line as continued technology investments help the medical equipment manufacturer grow.

From the 4-19-17 edition of The Dayton Business Journal

By Tristan Navera, Senior Reporter

Midmark Corp. is rolling out another new product line as continued technology investments help the medical equipment manufacturer grow.

The company is rolling out a new diagnostic device, termed the IQvitals Zone, a diagnostics stand designed for hospitals and exam rooms that uses Bluetooth to let caregivers connect a tablet or laptop. The tool is the latest in its product lines designed to make the workflow for physicians easier — once a patient is hooked up to the diagnostics stand, placing a laptop on top of it will automatically sync up the readings.

The diagnostic system can capture blood pressure, blood oxygen level and pulse, temperature and weight from a built-in scale. The device further lets the physician import the information directly to an electronic medical records system. This makes the process easier for physicians, who otherwise have to interact with multiple screens and controls to gather the same readings.

Midmark says the new product could cut down on the potential for medical errors — with manual data transcription increasing the risk for a mistake.

"IQvitals Zone introduces automated measurements and data entry, minimizing human variables while standardizing work and improving data accuracy," said Kurt Forsthoefel, marketing director of medical products and services for Midmark. "These improvements, along with the opportunity for enhanced interaction when a caregiver can spend less time addressing technology concerns and more time focused on the patient, ultimately support better care and outcomes.”

This is one of a dozen products Midmark is introducing this year with an eye on making workflow easier for doctors. With that in mind, they are eyeing 105 new hires this year, including 66 in the Dayton and Versailles facilities, where Midmark has 841 employees amid 1,700 overall.

With $399 million in revenue, Midmark is one of the largest manufacturers and largest employers in the Dayton area.

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