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With Business Surging, Midmark Plans 105 New Jobs

With accelerating technology and an expanding customer base, Midmark is upping the scale of hiring this year to grow its workforce.

From the 4-14-17 edition of The Dayton Business Journal

By Tristan Navera, Senior Reporter

With accelerating technology and an expanding customer base, Midmark is upping the scale of hiring this year to grow its workforce.

The company is expanding on plans it highlighted earlier this year to grow its engineering group, thanks in part to the growing number of products it's trying to bring to market this year, officials at the company's main Versailles facility said. It continues the pace of growth for the prominent manufacturer of equipment and furniture for the doctors, dental practices and veterinarians.

"The health care business has reinvented itself many times over," said Greg Muhlenkamp, vice president of engineering for the company. Midmark is introducing 12 new product lines this year and it has been adjusting to an accelerating strategy under new president and CEO John Baumann.

Across its national footprint, the company is adding 105 new jobs this year, Muhlenkamp said, with 66 of those in its Dayton operations, including 20 or more engineers, as well as new technology positions, communications and marketing, and production. It has had to refill more jobs than expected as people switch roles in the company.

The company, a fourth-generation family-owned business, began as a contract manufacturer a century ago and gradually worked its way into the medical market starting in 1967. During the past few years, it has branched into dentist and veterinary equipment as well, and now provides tables, exam equipment, diagnostics and many more things to equip medical practices of all kinds.

Today, Midmark has 841 employees in Ohio among 1,700 across the country. Most of those Ohio workers are clustered in its Dayton and Versailles headquarters and three nearby plants in Darke County, where most of the company's products are made, said Brent Pepple, engineering manager for the company. But with the company having made acquisitions across the country recently, it has more business lines to integrate into what it does.

"We have gone from tables and more discreet brands to making more holistic solutions that bring together all the technology that makes health care more efficient," Muhlenkamp said, noting for instance exam tables that automatically weigh patients, and laptop stands that can collect electronic medical record information for the hospital.

"We're making things that seamlessly work together — devices that let the doctor take care of the patient in a more efficient way that better integrates the devices that helps them do it," Muhlenkamp said......

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