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Workforce was Key in Whirlpool's Greenville Expansion

GREENVILLE - It was a big day for economic development in Darke County.

From the March 16, 2014 edition of The Daily Advocate

By Ryan Carpe and Christina Chalmers

GREENVILLE - It was a big day for economic development in Darke County.

On Friday the Whirlpool Corporation announced its plans to add 400 new jobs and increase the size of its Greenville KitchenAid plant by more than 75 percent. The corporation plans to spend $46 million on the large scale expansion, which will increase the plant by 196,000 square feet to accommodate their increased product demand.

The new jobs would span a wide array of specializations, including production and equipment operations, supervision and engineering, and would be filled over a four year period. The current workforce currently hovers around 1,000 employees.

The announcement ceremony took place on the factory floor of the Greenville facility as the plant’s workforce heard the exciting news via video conference from Marc Bitzer, President of Whirlpool North America.

The event was well attended, including Ohio Senate President Keith Faber, Sen. Bill Beagle (Dist. 5), Rep. Richard Adams (Dist. 80), Rep. Jim Buchy (Dist. 84), Greenville Mayor Mike Bowers, Greenville City Council members: Leon Rogers, Roy Harrison and John Burkett, Dave Burrows (Dayton Development Coalition), Marc Saluk, Darke County Economic Development Director, Darke County Commissioners Mike Stegall and Diane Delaplane and many other community leaders who played a part in the momentous occasion.

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