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Although rural in nature, Darke County is located within a 30 to 90 minute drive of several major midwestern metropolitan communities including Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana. Because of its geographic location, Darke County is within a 90-minute air market for 55% of the population in the United States.


State Routes 49, 118, 121, 571 and U.S. Routes 36 and 127 all converge in Greenville in Darke County while Interstates 70 and 75 are both only 30 minutes away. This makes Darke County an ideal location because of its proximity to the interstate without the high costs associated with operation at interstate sites.




RjcormanlogoDarke County is served by RJ Corman Railroad and CSX. Founded in 1973 by Rick Corman, R. J. Corman Railroad Group, LLC serves all seven major North American railroads, as well as many regional and shortline railroads. With its national headquarters in Corman’s hometown of Nicholasville, Kentucky, its field offices are spread across 24 states and operate in many more. These operations encompass an array of services, including railroad construction, shortline railroads, industrial switching services, emergency response, material distribution, distribution centers, signal construction, locomotive design, and railroad worker training. The outstanding execution of these services depends on the dedication and expertise of over 1,600 employees, who work tirelessly to realize and maintain the company’s core values of safety, customer focus, quality, and efficiency.



Darke County is in close proximity to the Dayton International Airport bringing us into the mainstream of all the nation's business. The Darke County Airport, near Versailles, provides landing facilities for small aircraft, including corporate jets.

Motor Freight Service

There are more than 15 motor freight and trucking companies in Darke County. We are also within a day's drive of most major Eastern and Midwestern cities, providing the advantage of fast deliveries and lower freight costs.